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Gears of War 4 Update is Free and Will Available Soon

One of the big games of Xbox One and PC, Gears of War 4, is just getting the newest update from the developer. This game starts applying major changes for the Gnasher, and there are also some new maps and fixed lobby with ranked modes. Of course, this update would make big changes to the gameplay of Gnasher’s players including two new maps. As you can see on its title, this is the fourth entry of the previous series, Gears of War 3. The setting is also around twenty years after the third series.

New Maps

There are two new maps available coming with the Gears of War 4. They are Diner and Old Town. We start from the first one, Diner. This map is really small. The developer says that it is designed to give intense combat for the players. Then, they will feel claustrophobic. On other hand, the sniper will be spawn in the canteen. Meanwhile, the parking lot is designed for range combat. Based on the developer’s claim, this map was developed within 18 months. This fresh map is really complete and unique. You will experience new thing playing this game. The second map is Old Town. If you are the true fans of Gears of War, you will notice that it is one of original maps from Gears of War 3. We didn’t find new thing inside the map. The Coalition likely wants to create nostalgia for the older players.

Ranked Lobbies

The second update that we can see on the Gears of War 4 is ranked lobbies. According to the developer, this was what the fans want to see, and they have realized it on the latest update. For your information, this mode is available for Core and Competitive playlist. Players who choose one of those modes will play the pre-game lobby. After that, they should decide the customization options like map, bounty and many more. If a player has left the pre-game lobby, the game will be canceled and find match until it balanced. Once the game finished, the players will go back to the selected specific previously.

Next Events

The Coalition, developer of Gears of War 4, also says that they want to run the monthly event. It will be conducted on March 24, 2017. The first event is Versus modes. Then, the Horde-theme event will be running on March 31. So, keep updating our site for the latest news of this game.

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